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Many thanks to our friend and talented photographer, Humza Deas for this feature in NYMag. Check out his photography here.

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1. Humza Deas, 18
Bridge/building climber, photographer, "outlaw Instagrammer"

“When I’m out shooting photography, I like really flexible pants. There's this brand called the New Standard Edition — they make ones they are also stylish, so it is a win-win. When I’m not shooting, I can wear them out; and when I am shooting, it is comfortable and they have pockets on the side I can put my lenses and filters in. They were actually in the photo that I did for New York Magazine that was on the cover, and I just fell in love with them. They were my favorite pair of pants — I wore them like twice a week. When you wear distressed pants, you don’t always want to bend your knee all the way or you’ll rip your pants, but these have a little bit of spandex. That’s good when I’m climbing or lunging. It doesn’t rip, so they are comfortable and freeing, rather than being limiting.”